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Saturday, 30 November 2013

But What On Earth Is It?

I'm not an expert in the world of motorhomes - or campervans if you'd prefer (I don't know what the difference is either), and in fact not being an expert is an understatement of the highest order.

In fact I know nothing. Zilch. Rien. Pas.

All I had an inkling about was that I wanted a Hymer. I'd seen more modern examples here and there, out an about. They looked so, er, I'm not sure. I liked their quirky shape, allowing for the double bed to be stored above the driver and passenger seats, and then lowered when required, so that a mere step up is all that's needed for a good night's kip.

No ladders to climb. No hurt feet. No claustrophobia.

But Hymers don't come cheap. Unless of course it's 35 years old and has a number of things wrong with it (as we later discovered).

And it's based on that bastion of British engineering from yesteryear, the faithful old Bedford CF van, which in it's day was Vauxhall Opel's answer to the wildly superior Ford Transit.

So here we have what's called a Bedford Blitz Hymer, on a 2.3 ltr petrol engine'd Bedford CF chassis.

I had to keep telling myself - "It's a classic". And I'm sure it is. Time will tell.

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