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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

It Seemed Like a Good Idea

It did seem a good idea at the time. I answered an ad, and ventured south of the Thames to a strange place called Streatham.

The campervan sounded interesting. It was a Hymer which is what we (I) wanted, so that the bed would drop down over the front seats.

It had been owned by a family for the past 28 years, had been taken to Germany many times, and for the past few years had been stored in a garage.

I was expecting it to be out on the road when I went to view, but it wasn't.

Inside the campervan, inside the garage, it was cold and dark, but I was already beginning to fall in love.

I took several pictures with a flash. It wasn't until I got home and loaded them up that that my heart went truly all of a flutter.

That was my first mistake - letting my heart rule my head.

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