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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

"Yes, We'll Have It"

So, after looking around the interior and taking a few pictures, I went back home and decided that we would say 'yes'. The old Hymer would need to be MOT'd, and I guessed that any major problems would be shown up at that stage.

It was a slightly bizarre situation.

The man who had owned the van for the last 28 years had recently passed away, and it was his widow who was now selling it. However, not being internet-savvy, she enlisted the help of of a friend to advertise the van. But it was yet another man with whom I ended up being given the number to call, and to subsequently visit. He was the mechanic who knew the van and had arranged the MOT.

He called me to say that although it had passed the test, there was an oil leak, and that it would cost a few hundred pounds to fix.

So I thought it would be reasonable to ring up and negotiate the sale price with the lady to take this into account.

Unfortunately she wasn't having any of it. 'Don't you know what a good price you're getting this for?' I was being told off for asking such a ridiculous question.

That was my next error - I didn't put the phone down.

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