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Monday, 1 February 2010

And I'd Like To Thank...

Crumbs Corruthers! I never thought it would be such a logistical ordeal to move a blinkin' old boat from one place to another! But nevertheless, with the assistance of Andy and John at St Neots Marina, My Boat For My Potplants will be towed from Little Paxton for a mile along the River Ouse to the marina next Friday.

But this is just a small part of this journey, this adventure. There are other people along the way who have now become part of the team, part of the crew.

Without my friend Neil, I would never have been offered the chance to have a boat in the first place, and without his father, Ron (the boat's owner), I would never have been given it.

Without Martin (of Eastern Garage, Finchingfield), I would not be able to ensure the outboard motor works, and without Kevin (of Boat Moving Solutions in Ipswich) I would not be able to trailer the boat to Wivenhoe.

Without Jane and Brian (mooring owners), I would not have such a fine position for the boat next to the Rose And Crown in Wivenhoe, and without Julian (Editor of Essex Life), I would not be writing about this on Essex Life's blogsite.

Without Jillie (my decorating client and donator of curtains), I would not have any stripy material to pull myself together with (the old jokes are the best), and without Mark (ex DJ) and Greg (experienced sailor) down the pub, I would not have any more whacky ideas to laugh over with a few pints in hand.

Of course, without Jane (my wife), I would not have got this far.

And thankfully, without my, er, friends, Paul, Mike and Jay (who tried to persuade me to take the boat to Wivenhoe via the North Sea), I'd probably be at the bottom of the ocean by now.

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