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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Calming The Mind

It's been a nerve-racking time recently.

Sorry dear blog-readers for my absense of late, and now today I have to return to France for a further two weeks. All in the name of work, you understand - NOT HOLIDAY, as I keep having to explain to everyone I meet.

However, during my captured time here I have been busy trying to plan for The Boat For My Potplant's inaugural voyage.

Yes indeed. The wonderful Tracy at Brightlingsea Boat Park And Ride will be coming up the river on Monday 23rd April to attach and tow back my boat to their yard, in order to fit the new motor that's being sent by those nice people at Suzuki.

But Tracy doesn't have a spare trailer, so my helpful brother-in-law Martin will be taking his speed boat and trailer to their place, leave the trailer and then come up river alongside them on his speedboat, which he'll leave in my boat's mooring. A little complicated, I know - but complicated is what I do best, according to my darling 'Erindoors.

Then, a few days later - hopefully Thursday 26th April, which is also my birthday, we'll be bringing my boat triumphantly back to Wivenhoe, under it's own steam for the first time. At last I'll finally be going somewhere in it.

What a great birthday treat. I wonder what sound the motor will make.

In the meantime, I've been putting the final coat of varnish on the woodwork, and of course tending the daffodils, which have been coming up nicely I'm pleased to say.

There's nothing like a few daffs to help calm the mind.

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