Friday, 9 October 2009

Bed and Breakfast and Pork Pies

Today was a good day, and I feel I have moved another step forward . Firstly, I have found a local garage who will probably be up for sorting out the engine and outboard motor. Secondly, this evening I had dinner with my wonderful sister Emma who thinks that having the boat is a great idea.

What's more, when I mentioned an idea I had to let people stay on the boat in a sort of bed-and-breakfast situation, she was positive about that too. In fact, she wasn't just positive, she was down-right enthusiastic. Thanks Emma for your encouragement. It was nice to hear, especially as I have been described earlier this week as being a pork pie short of a picnic. I don't understand why, but I do know this. Pork pies or not, this boat is sailing up the river one day!!

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