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Monday, 12 October 2009

Tea at sunrise

As autumn and winter approaches, the chill is without doubt creeping in to the riverside air. As I walk along the quayside here in Wivenhoe, I can hear the gentle jingle-jangle of things to do with boats clanging in the breeze.

When I get my boat, I will sleep on it all night at the first opportunity, so that I can experience waking up at the crack of dawn, boiling a kettle on an old camping stove, and making a brew of tea, as the low sun rises on the horizon, reflecting its rays onto the bow. I won't use tea bags. No, sirree! Only a tea pot and proper tea leaves will do on my boat. I will of course need a strainer.

I've heard that tea leaves are rather good for pot plants. Can anyone confirm? Earl Grey or English Breakfast? Twinings or PG? So many questions. So much to learn.

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