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Thursday, 8 October 2009

Wonderful Wadio Wivenhoe

As with all great Eureka moments, mine came to me like an epiphany last night in the pub. I was discussing A Boat For My Potplants with my old mate Mark, who used to be a DJ on Radio Luxy, and I was saying what I might do on the boat when it finally reaches its new resting place, here in Wivenhoe. And like a huge light-bulb being switched on, we both concluded that the boat could become a new pirate radio station.

Being no stranger to the world of radio myself, I recalled the good old days when, for two glorious hours, I became Barnacle Bill on Mark's show on Radio Essex's Lighthouse Ship off the Harwich coast a few years ago. So I've cut my teeth on the microphone of off-shore broadcasting already, and I'm ready for more. Wonderful Wadio Wivenhoe, broadcasting three feet off the edge of the quayside.

I wonder if I can get Jonathon Woss as a guest.

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  1. Get Wossy as a guest and expect torpedoes at 9 o'clock!! However, that would be doing the nation a great service!! Sail on, captain! Seaman J will report to scrub decks in due course, rum rations required (but will accept all alcoholic offerings