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Thursday, 15 October 2009

I aint going in no sea

Apologies to my band of avid readers - I've not been able to post a blog for three days now, but I guess I will be making up for lost time from tomorrow - because tomorrow is THE BIG DAY when I go to see The Boat For My Potplants for the first time, in the flesh, so to speak.

I will be armed with my trusty camera, ready to take snaps galore. I know you are all gagging for views of the interior, and my appraisal of the boat's condition, and by jove, that's what you'll be getting. Roll on tomorrow!

Now, on the subject of sea, it has been suggested that we should drive The Boat For My Potplants down to the River Thames and round the coast to Brightlingsea, and then up the river to its final resting home of Wivenhoe. I can assure all of you that I enjoy and value my life immensely, so a sea-going adventure is catagorically out of the question. I might be mad, but I'm not stupid. Or is it that I might be stupid but not mad? Whatever. I ain't going in no sea, no sirree.

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