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Saturday, 31 October 2009

Another step closer

This evening in Wivenhoe saw the wonderful firework display, set off on the other side of the river. The spectators crowded on the quayside outside the Rose And Crown to get the best view possible. They, and I, weren't disappointed. The general atmosphere was splendid.

I was standing just a few feet from the place where I imagined The Boat For My Potplants will one day be moored, and I strolled home with a spring of anticipation in my step. My small step became a giant leap, when I bumped into a man who might play a critical role in helping to get my mooring. We shall see if he can make the key introductions that I need.

The river was perfectly tranquil this evening. A perfect place for my boat. On yesterday's posting I promised to disclose its name, and this evening I thought its name was even more apt. It's called Serenity. Aaaah!

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