Sunday, 4 October 2009

This is my Tale Of A Boat For My Potplants. It is a new adventure for me - blogging and boating coming together for the first time.

I have moved to a new flat, which doesn't have a garden, but it is by a river. Wouldn't it be great to have a boat that I can sit on surrounded by my potplants?

Well, I visualised it happening, and I'm now on the first step of the rope ladder, now that I have been given a boat by a good friend.

The boat is a hundred miles away.

I know absolutely nothing about boats - a minor problem, indeed. I don't have a trailer. I don't have a car with a tow-bar. I don't have a mooring. The boat doesn't have a working motor. But I do have some potplants, so all will be okay.

Read my blog to see what happens.


  1. this is the best thing since sliced mackerel

  2. Hi Neil great idea never blogged before !All though i know little about boat building i am offering my carpentry skills to you to help in your quest for "a boat for my potplants".

  3. where the fishing hell is 100 miles from Wifenhoe? As the seagull flies it's either kings lynn, gt yarmouth or bognor regis, or hoek of holland or calais. Let's go

  4. Hi mad but very nice bro-in-law Neil,
    Can't wait to sit on your boat when it is moored up on the river Colne outside your flat in Wivenhoe! I'm sure some friendly person/s will help you get it there one way or another. Luv from sis-in-law Annipoos xx

  5. Neil I have your sister here who says Hi but can you come and take her away PLEASE!!!!
    She can't understand why you would want to travel 100 miles to sit with your pot plants.That's a sort of Winnie the Pooh comment. I am very offended that you think I'm mad?? I was going to offer my services as a skipper as I have my day skipper certificate but it doesn't have an engine I notice! What is the point of paying for a mooring for a boat to sit on - you just need to make a raft or take over a pontoon.