Sunday, 25 October 2009

Up all night checking out transportation

After the second time that my darling wife Jane kicked me for snoring, I decided to vacate the warmth of the marital bed and go and (try to) sleep on the sofa. But I couldn't. My mind was by now whirring with the thoughts of how to get the Boat For My Potplants from St Neots to Wivenhoe.

Despite my friend Paul saying that he has 'a cunning plan', which I am sure involves The Sea, and which I have already stated 'No Sirree', I found myself pouring over the internet at four in the morning doing all-important research. No, honestly Guv'nor, there wasn't a big breast in sight. It was all about inland waterways and boat transportation companies, to whom I have sent a number of emails requesting further information and estimated costs. I can't wait for their responses. It will make me feel that I'm now becoming serious, and that others may take me seriously too. Money talks.

So, dear bloggers, it's either going to be by trailer by road, or boat by sea. We shall see.

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