Sunday, 14 February 2010


Crikey! The Boat For My Potplants seems to have grown, now that it's been pulled out of the river.

Crikey! There was a ton of crud and barnacles on the bottom.

Crikey! My arm doesn't 'alf ache, after hours of scraping.

Crikey! Brushing paint-stripper is hazardous to one's health.

Crikey! Splashes of paint-stripper don't bode well on the skin!

Crikey! I look like I've been in the ring with Mike Tyson!

Crikey! What have I let myself in for?!!!


  1. Well i have to say it looks quite impressive from the side - still a heap, but an impressive heap....!


  2. what a relief ~ it'll be ages until you need the curtains made up Neil! She looks a fine old lady (and we old gals have to stick together) rest assured though, she'll look like her old self once a bit of 'slap' is applied.