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Saturday, 20 February 2010

It's (Nearly) All Good News Indeed!

Good news! I've been to see Paul Killick at the Alresford Creek Boat Owners' Association, and he couldn't have been more helpful. He says I can keep the Boat For My Potplants at his yard whilst I am working on it. He's already allocated me a space.

Good news! Alresford Creek is an easy bike ride from home. So it will be easy for my lovely wife to bring me sarnies and tea to keep me going through the day.

Good news! I can join the A.C.B.O.A for just £10, and then I can join in to the boating community. This is especially good news, as they will be meeting regularly at...The Sailing Club in Wivenhoe!

Good news! I called in to ALDI today and discovered that from tomorrow, they will be selling a portable generator for £59, and even with 3-year guarantee. Just what I need!

Good news! I also called in to Waitrose to buy my March issue of Essex Life, and...we're in it again!

Good news! St Neots Marina are all geared up to bring the boat over on Wednesday next week.

Good news! My great mate and film-maker extraordinaire Mark Wesley may be able to come over on Wednesday to film the proceedings. And then we can put it on YouTube.

Slightly less good news...It's going to take longer to move the boat off the trailer and on to blocks than if it were to be put straight in the water. More time equals more cost.

Oh well, I can't complain can I? It's not every day I get given a 22-foot river cruiser complete with outboard motor, all for free!

Wey Hey. Here We Go!!

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