Saturday, 27 February 2010

Operation Completed!

3am: Go to bed at my friend Vaughn's house in London after staying up all evening.
4.30am: Get up.
5am: Meet my son Oliver outside tube station.
7am: Arrive at Alresford Creek. Meet brother-in-law Martin, and Boatyard John.
7.10am: Andy in Jaguar and trailer towing A Boat For My Potplants arrive.
7.15am: Andy backs trailer and boat into position.
7.30am: Andy, John and Martin set up blocks for boat to rest on.
7.50am: Trailer is pulled away from under boat.
8am: All done. Hands are shaken for a job well done

During whole operation I watch helplessly and uselessly, but nonetheless acting as
Very Important Chief Photographer for Very Important Blogsite.


  1. Hi there Captain Watson , its all getting exciting now ! Just think, your dream of "a boat for my pot plants" is only now, about 1 mile away from its final destination. So now begins the good bit of slowly transforming the battered old queen back into the princess she probably was.
    Speak soon ,
    Admiral Rowland

  2. Dear Cap'n Watson.
    So are you ready for your next adventure -sailing to sunny California?
    Have been following your blogs. Great job mate.
    Neil Hart

  3. To the two Neils; Rear Admiral Neil Rowland along with his fearless Cap'n Neil Watson should definitely set sail from Plymouth to California to be greeted by the Great Neil Hart.

    I think we should make it with our 2hp outboard, possibly in time for Thanksgiving, perhaps 2020.

    Thanks to you both for your inspiration.